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Wednesday 4 December 2013

The very First Field Trip in My Life

Finally, before the end of my 3rd year studies, our class had a chance to make our very first visit to field site located at Kemaman, Terengganu on 17&18th Nov 2013. Thank God and Miss Raja banyak-banyak XD

Not many writing for this post, because pictures worth a thousand of words.

This trip was 2 days and 1 night long, just enough time to visit 3 of the most famous oil and gas servicing companies in UTP:

1. Halliburton
2. Schlumberger
3. Baker Hughes

We spent around 8 hours to reach KSB @@ Of course, we never miss the chance to take photos even on our way XD

In the Bus
We reached our first destination, Halliburton quite late, around 11am and we begin our visit immediately after the safety briefing and some presentation. All I can remember now for Halliburton are red, red, red, packers, pup joint, well completion, pumps...haha

After a very quick but delicious lunch prepared by Halliburton, we rushed to our second destination, Schlumberger. It is quite obvious that SLB is implementing very new and sophisticated technologies especially in coil tubing and wireline segment. We were all amazed the by their presentation. 

Since I will be having internship with SLB next year (though in different location), this visit really opened my eyes to see what real field work is like in SLB.

After visiting SLB, we went for a 'high-tea' at a cafe. 

Le most famous coffee of the shop XD

Shopping after tea-time:
Miss Raja: This is so beautiful!
Our hotel for the night:

At least 4 stars guaranteed XD

Late Dinner at the Hotel's Restaurant
We played Killer games until 3am that night at room XD Very fun and interactive session with dear coursemates =)

Refreshing morning, beautiful scenery, tempting breakfast...

Finally, we visited our last destination of the trip: Baker Hughes.

The presentation slides from Baker were much related to what we have studied: drilling and cementing. Thus, we can 'absorb' the knowledge very fast. Some special tools we got to see in Baker's trip included the whip-stock and fishing equipment. 

After the visit to Baker, this marked the end of our field trip. I really enjoyed the trip very much because it allowed me to 'run away' from the current problem I face in UTP XD 

Of course, we learnt a lot from the trip and gained an insight of what a real field engineer is.

Luckily, we were not required to write a report for this trip :P

Thank you for reading :)

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