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Thursday 14 November 2013

Handphone Diaries

Some of my friends already started using handphones since primary school. I was quite a late handphone user- but not too late, luckily, haha.

So surprised (WOW!) when my mom told me that I was allowed to own my very first handphone, on a holiday afternoon, when I was still in secondary school, Form 2. I went to a handphone shop to purchase my first handphone on that particular afternoon. If not mistaken, it was Hari Raya Haji that day.

I will then 'showcase' the handphones I have used before and also the one I am using now in a chronological way as follow :P

Morotola V220

This was my 'first love', haha. I was too happy when I first owned it. It has basic functions beside a VGA camera. But sadly to say, it has a very small memory and does not support bluetooth connection. It has been in operation for one year before I saw and fell in love with my second handphone, when I decided to replace it. This phone is still laying on my wardrobe at my hometown. 

Sony Ericsson Z550i

I fell in love with this phone when I first saw one of my friend using it, different color though. This phone has significant improvements compared to my first one, especially in terms of memory and connection. Its camera also supports video recording. Unfortunately, it started to have some problems after 9 months of using such as sudden shut down and blank screen, when I decided to change my phone again to the 3rd one. This phone has been traded in when I purchased my 3rd phone.

Sony Ericsson W910i

I also fell in love with this phone when I saw another friend of mine using it. (容易移情别恋)However, I have to admit that this was the phone that I have been in love with for the longest period of time, until its 'motherboard' got 'burnt' and I was forced to buy a new one as the repairing fee was too high. It's still lying in my house now because I can't sell it to the vendor due to the faultiness.

Sony Ericsson W705
This phone was bought to replace the faulty W910i, and also as my present for PMR :) It has almost the same function as W910i plus with Wi-fi connection. After one year using it, the 'ribbon' was spoilt and I had replaced with a new 'ribbon', costing me RM 70. Unfortunately, the display experienced some problems not long after I have replaced the ribbon. I sold it at the end and got RM 150 (if not mistaken) for the salvage value (EEE knowledge applied here, LOL) :P

Nokia C6
Since I entered UTP, I understand the need for having 2 active numbers. Thus, I have decided to purchase another phone. My mom advised me to buy a cheaper one because the phone I was using at that time (W705) had all the basic functions I need and it will be a waste if I buy another expensive phone. However, I did not adhere to her advise and felt so regret buying this phone >_< At the end, it experienced some problems with Wi-fi connection and audio jack, causing me to replace it by trading it in.

Samsung Galaxy S3
Finally, it came to the phone which I am using currently- The Samsung Galaxy S3! At first, I thought of buying Note instead of this, but finally went for it as the result of the great persuasive skill of the promoter. I felt so lucky and blessed now as eventually I found out that there is a huge difference in level of performance between dual core and quad core devices. I swear that I will never replace this phone again unless it spoils (TOUCH WOOD) P.S.: I have been using it for 1 year and 4 months up till now.

The secondary phones I used:

CSL i208
This is one of the greatest economic phones I have ever seen. Dual sim, memory stick slot, mp3, GPRS, FM radio and Flash light, for only RM 100. Most important thing is, this is a Malaysia brand, felt so proud to be a Malaysian, for the first time XD It is also one of the most popular phones among my friends and it comes with a lot of colors. I am still using it now to host my Maxis and Celcom numbers. It has been once in my mom's possession, but now returned to me as an exchange for the Samsung Corby 2 >_<

Samsung Galaxy Corby II
The pink color is simply too attractive! My mom also fell in love with it at the first sight. As a result, this phone has been given to my mom during my last mid sem break, LOL... It supports touch screen function but not a smart phone though. It has basic functions equipped with a 2.0 MP camera. 

Samsung E1190
My Samsung E1190 was bought in KL during my pre-internship. This was because I have decided to give my CSL to my mom and I will need another new phone to host my Celcom sim card. I came back for flip phone again because it was so nostalgic- My first 2 phones are all flip phones!

As a conclusion, I have used a lot of phones in my life, which costed me a lot of money. However, I felt satisfied as it is my interest to try new technological products especially cell phones. In order for me to have enough money to buy all these phones, I have reduced my expenses in other aspects, such as clothes, shoes and cosmetic products (so un-girly >_<)

 As I have mentioned just now, I will stick to my Samsung Galaxy S3, for few reasons:
1. I will pursue for tablet starting from now, especially Ipad Air. Hopefully it will reach Malaysia before the commencement of my internship.
2. The revolution of smart phones has seemed to reach its optimum stage now and will not have  significant change/ much improvement in near future.

Thank you for reading my post :)

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